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Partnering with planners and architects GVS produces CGI animation & images of unbuilt rural environments, land diversification projects and architectural heritage renovations.

Our modern real-time production studio specializes in an engaging and artistic approach to producing architectural and landscape visualisations.

Farm Ag Concept

From concept sketch to visuals in a day!

Some quick rough and ready concept imagery for a possible Farm Ag centre design. This centre was designed to consider and reflect part of a sustainable park project representing the landscape and ecology around it. 

Trailers / Proof of Concept Videos

From the ideation stage proof of concept/teaser trailers are created. These get all stakeholders on board and on the same page from day one.


Some example CGI imagery from various projects. Full image and animation reel available on request.


Services designed to compliment and benefit your project throughout each phase of its lifecycle.


Grove, Oxfordshire

+44 (0) 7776422503

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